Innoflame gains recognition for its leadership culture: “Our employees are our most valuable resource”

The Future Workplaces certificate is awarded to companies whose corporate culture and leadership showcase exceptionally good employee understanding.

Innoflame has been awarded the Future Workplaces 2022 certificate. This acknowledgement is granted to companies participating in the research, whose leaders emphasize employee understanding.

Innoflame’s CEO Sami Savela affirms that the certificate is first and foremost an indication that Innoflame has succeeded in creating a good work atmosphere.

“It does not, however, mean we can lull ourselves into thinking that everything is fine. We are now working even harder to create an even better work community.”

To obtain the certificate, all Innoflame employees responded to a survey to find out what matters most to them in the workplace. The survey also explored how well employees feel these things are actualized at Innoflame.

Freedom, trust, and colleagues gain praise

In the survey, Innoflame employees emphasized five things that their employer had succeeded in providing especially well:

  1. The freedom to work regardless of time and place
  2. The opportunity to make decisions independently
  3. Skilled colleagues
  4. Workplace security and continuity
  5. Fair and skilled supervisors

Our supervisors trust us, and we can make independent decisions about nearly everything. I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to report on every issue or wait for answers, one respondent writes.

Our management has developed a unique concept that has clear continuity and is constantly evolving. Reliable leaders support their employees in all situations, describes another.

Meaningful work tasks and development work also received recognition.

It is good to be on the winning team, summarizes one respondent.

Employees are the most important resource

Savela emphasizes that at Innoflame, all the employees’ ideas and thoughts are genuinely heard.

“We work in teams of 4–7 people. It is the responsibility of each team leader to discuss issues with employees and communicate improvement suggestions to the management team. It’s wonderful hearing what our employees think about different issues.”

Savela reminds that employees are Innoflame’s most important resource, and underlines that the company will continue to invest in its staff.

“We wouldn’t want a single one of our employees to leave us. I also hope that the certificate will bring us new, good employees. There is always a shortage of skilled professionals.”