Creating a network of partners that match the company’s brand values

How to identify the best local and ecological promotional gift suppliers?

The new Veikkaus is a responsible Finnish employer and partner. The company not only wants to be the world’s most phenomenal benefactor, but a source of pride for the Finnish people as well. To accomplish this, its mission and values must be showcased in everything it does, including its promotional gifts. This means that Veikkaus branded products should either be produced in Finland or bought from a Finnish company. When this is not possible, the gifts must at least be ecologically produced.

Innoflame helps Veikkaus fulfill these demanding requirements. Thanks to its extensive experience and broad contact networks, Innoflame can choose just the right supplier for Veikkaus’s needs. Innoflame also takes care of branding the gifts exactly according to the Veikkaus guidelines.

"Innoflame has been a very proactive and creative partner."

”Innoflame has been a very proactive and creative partner. They have helped us find new suppliers who fulfill our requirements,” says Ari Tuuli, Marketing Development Manager for Brand and Marketing at Veikkaus. He also applauds Innoflame’s flexibility in developing shared processes.

Veikkaus is a reliable and responsible Finnish provider of gaming entertainment

Veikkaus is a reliable and responsible Finnish provider of gaming entertainment. The entire revenue from Veikkaus games, about one billion euro per year, is used for the benefit of Finnish society. The new Veikkaus started its operations when Finntoto, Finland’s Slot Machine Association (RAY) and the old Veikkaus merged into a single company at the beginning of 2017.