Revitalize your sales

GoShop is an online shop that reflects your brand

GoShop is an online shop with the look and feel of your brand. It allows you to sell your company’s collection of products or materials range directly from your outsourced warehouse.

Your shop, ready in an instant

GoShop is a simple and secure online shop. It helps you sell your branded products or, for instance, workwear, to stakeholders and other audiences. Payments are conducted securely via credit card or online banking, and the products are shipped directly to the orderer from the outsourced warehouse.

Innoflame GoShop online shop for Pori Jazz festivals

Reward and loyalty points

GoShop understands your reward and loyalty programs, tracks users’ points balances and identifies active users. Products can be exchanged for points or at a discount, and the remaining balance can always be paid in money. GoShop will keep users informed about their points balance and encourage them to shop more.

Innoflame GoShop: Centralised efficiency

Centralised efficiency

GoShop is part of a product family, in which all the software makes use of one central warehouse. Running several different distribution channels and nurturing a variety of target groups with one single tool means not only clearly improved efficiency but also considerable savings. GoKeep and GoShop are our most popular combination.

Cost-effective campaigns

Implementing an online shop with a warehouse for a short-lived event or campaign is a huge investment. GoShop offers a fully outsourced service for events, which includes everything you need: the sourcing, storage, personalisation and packing of products as well as an online shop with your company’s look and feel.

Shall we demo?

Shall we demo?

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