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Your own online shop enables printing your products to order. This means that you can order for example just one product from your online shop without extra costs.

Building an online shop is straightforward, because the groundwork, i.e. the software, is well-designed and user friendly. We offer four different software solutions for online shops.

GoKeep – Your own internal online shop

This is our most popular online shop solution. With it, a company can order employee gifts to commemorate work anniversaries and other special occasions, brand products and workwear.

Internal online shops typically have 1-2 main users in a company, who are in charge of the product range together with our account manager. The actual users of the online shop are the individuals who independently place orders according to the company’s needs. The product range can be updated as needed, and it strongly reflects for instance the seasons.

GoShop – The sales channel for your company’s brand products

If your company’s own brand products appeal to consumers, you can create an open online shop for them. Hartwall’s Long Drink products, for example, have been extremely popular. The products are paid for safely with payment cards or via online banking, and the products are delivered directly to the consumers from our warehouse.

GoGive – Do you need an agile incentive program?

GoGive is an incentive program where your employees or stakeholders collect points that they can use to order products from your online shop for a certain number of points.

Many trade unions, for example, use this incentive program for rewarding member recruitment, but it is also well suited for rewarding sales, for example. The system displays those prizes as active that the person has accumulated sufficient points for.

GoCard – A gift card that matches your corporate image

GoCard is a great choice when you wish to give your employee or partner a gift they appreciate. Together, we design the best possible gift selection for your target group. A message or greeting that matches your brand will be added to the gift card. The gift card, the printing on the product, and its packaging are designed to reflect your company’s brand image.


Building an online shop is easy

We suggest a visual image for your company’s online shop and help you in product design and in placing your logo on the products. All your online shops reflect your company’s brand identity.

We have created over 200 customized online shops for our customers. Customers will be able to start using the shop within 1–2 weeks of the kick-off meeting.

You can order as little as one printed product at a time from your online shop with no extra costs.

Your job is only to:

  1. Tell us about your needs – what do you want to use the online shop for?
  2. Deliver your logo and color guidance for designing the visual image and printing
  3. Plan the product range together with our salesperson
  4. Select 1–2 main users from your company and determine which employees will have user rights
  5. Place an order

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